Starting a network marketing business is not easy*.

There will be many hurdles and obstacles that we will need to overcome.

To make it through these hard times we, as entrepreneurs, have to find it within ourselves to stay motivated.

It’s vital that we develop our willpower, to be able to fight the urge to quit when it’s not going our way, to stay true to our vision.

Even today I work on developing my will power and mental strength, so here are a few ways in which you can too.

Small, Achievable Goals: Never lose sight of your grand vision, but focus on taking one step at a time and build confidence through small victories. This will help you to develop good habits and strengthen willpower.

Take Control: Increasing willpower and productivity requires taking control of your actions and thoughts, as such avoid acting without thinking.

Positive Vibes: Use positive reinforcement training to strengthen your willpower. The voice in your head is so powerful, so when you win the battle and resist a temptation congratulate yourself and provide some form of reward.

Baby Steps: Use short bursts of willpower to push past your limits. Starting small, taking one step beyond your limits, and then two and then three, will help to build the belief that will eventually lead to huge leaps beyond what you thought was possible.

*but it is worth it for the life it will allow you to lead.


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