What do you believe is the most important attribute to being successful in network marketing?

Is it the ability to prospect people about your business?

Or knowing how to build relationships?

What about mastering your company marketing model?

Maybe it’s the art of mentoring others?

The answer is actually none of these. For whilst they are all important and vital skills to master, they will count for very little without one key trait.


Without this you will not last long in the world of network marketing.


Because on your journey you are going to encounter a lot of setbacks, you will hear people talk negatively about that you’re doing and you will have people question why you are even starting in the first place.

Resilience is, and always will be, one of the main differentiators in handling what comes our way, in determining if we will be successful or not.

Often it’s the people who can hold on in the face of adversity for the longest that eventually get to where they want to be.

These are the people who can pick themselves back up after every setback, keep a positive attitude for every ‘no’ they hear and stay focused on their goals no mater what.

How resilient are you?


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